Bucks County property owners find that a good rental agent really pays off. 


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 Empowering Rental Property Owners   

  The right agent will have the experience, professionalism, ability to achieve quality results and will back up their performance with a guarantee.

Michaelangelo possesses all these attributes for the quality results your rental property requires to achieve its goals.  Experience,

  • Michaelangelo has 25 years of experience in the residential rental market.
  • Management experience in:
    • Single family housing
    • Multi family housing
    • Government subsidized housing
    • Student housing consisting of 80 units. 
  • He has given numerous seminars on a number of landlord issues.  
  • Written a book on how to get good tenants.
  • Member of  the state Residential Owners Association. An organization that advocates for rental properties through state legislation.
  • Realtor in bucks county. and..
  • is passionate about real estate.

Contact Michaelangelo for a free consultation of your rental needs.
Direct # :  (215) 470-1983
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        Services Provided:  for the do-it-yourself hands-on property owners

Do-it-yourself Landlords, Property Investors, or Property Owners who can not sell

Questions to ask yourself…….             

  • How long will it take to find the right tenant ?
  • How many appointments and no shows will you spend time on ?
  • When advertising for and interviewing a prospective tenant are you in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.  Not knowing this can get you in trouble and be expensive. 
  • Rental  Applications: The do’s and don’t when using this form to be in compliance. Many online rental application forms ask one simple question that can get you in trouble.
  • Will you pull a credit and background check and if so are you inspected for the type of credit report you really need ? Why credit scores are not good enough.
  • What are your risk and the chances of no rent payments after the first month or two ?
  • If you get a bad tenant, what will it take to remove them and at what expense to you and the property itself ?
  • Are you a hands on property owner ?
  • How do you find the right agent to make it easy and worth your while?

Contact Michaelangelo for a free consultation of your rental needs.
Direct # :  (215) 470-1983
e-mail:      michaelangelo@kw.com


Landlord News   


Renting to Millennials

  Millennials (those age 35 and under, according to the parameters of the study) 

The Realtor Magazine study found that when looking at the most important apartment amenities for this generational group, a big kitchen, upgraded appliances and plenty of storage space were at the top of the list.

Although it may not sound like it, this did differ from what was most important to Gen Xers (those approximately between the ages of 29 and 48), just a generation ahead of Millennials, who ranked the size of the kitchen as the third most important design attribute in a living space rather than the most important.

You can easily position your properties as future homes for Millennials!

What Millennials look for in rental units will likely transfer over as they continue to swarm the homebuyer market. The NAR study found that when it comes to Millennials, nearly 70 percent of them rent before they buy (source).

Here are some optional features you will want to be sure to mark that will make your listing more visible to Millennial buyers:

  • Kitchen Features

    Millennials are interested not only in having large spaces with plenty of room for storage and entertaining, but they are also interested in having upgraded appliances. Be sure to check fields such as: EnrgyEfcApl, Island Work Space, and Pantry.

  • Main Bedroom Suite

    It is all about comfort and space in the bedroom for this generation—if there is a walk-in closet, be sure to mention it. Pay particular attention to such fields as: Full Bath, Walk-In Closet(s), and Sitting Room/Area in the ‘Main Bedroom Suite’ Feature Group.

  • Other Rooms

    More is more with this group, so list more about space. Any and all ‘bonus’ rooms you are able to highlight will be big wins.

  • Basement Description

    Similar to the Other Rooms section, a basement will likely be viewed as bonus space to Millennial buyers. Be sure to make note of whether or not the basement is finished in the ‘Basement Description’ Feature Group.

  • Porch/Deck

    With a focus on fun times, it is very likely that they will want a home that has entertaining potential, both inside and out. Let them know what kind of outdoor entertaining space your listing has to offer them such as a deck, patio, or balcony.

  • Additional Remarks

    You could also paint a picture of how these features favor those who like to be at home, nesting and entertaining!