french gilt mirrorSecret One: Find the perfect Real Estate agent to represent your Bucks County Home. A knowledgeable and tech savvy agent will be up on the markets in your area, work hard to get your house listed on the best real estate sites and give you plenty of good advice on how to sell your home. Contact us for more information.

Secret Two: Price it right! Consult your realtor for advice on how to price your Bucks County Home for sale. A good  Real Estate Agent will know the market area well and be able to list your home at the very best price. Remember, too high a price can put off many potential buyers before they even come to look, so the right price is important.

Secret Three: De-Personalize your house. This might sound strange, but making you home a clean slate for buyers is a win win situation. Remove framed pictures, personal items, all clutter, keep-sakes, memorabilia, and most of your books. This will enable potential buyers to easily visualize themselves living in your house.

Secret Four: Brighten Your Bucks County Home. Take down old, dark curtains if you have them and opt for just shades, or put up lighter curtains. Keep the windows exposed and as much light in as possible. Make sure all fixtures are in working order and recess lights and lamps have new bright bulbs in them. Turn on a lot of lights before potential buyers come calling, especially if they are viewing your home on a dim, cloudy day or in the evening. A brighter space is more welcoming. No one like to enter a dark room.

Secret Five: Empty and re-organize your closets. Another secret and crazy tip that pays off. Remove half of your clothing and personal stuff from closets, and reorganize what’s left. Place other items in storage. Potential buyers will peek in closets. Everyone likes good closet space and if you have it, share it! If your are limited on closet space, make sure your closets are neat and tidy and partly empty. Visually this make the space look larger and a buyer will like it more.

Part Two of our Secrets to Selling Your Bucks County Home will have more cool ideas to make your home presentation the best on the market.

Leave a comment with any tips or ideas you’ve used or have seen to make a home more attractive for a buyers market.