Simple Ways to Stage Your Home

Selling your home? Wondering if you need a person to stage your home before buyers come to see it? Although a professional will give you the best advice and refresh your home for the highest potential, there are simple ways to stage your home and make it sparkle on your own. The following are a few tips for staging your home to sell from the best decorators in the interior design industry.

  • Hit the Refresh button!! Remove all clutter, books, and decor accessories in all your rooms and start over. Consider rearranging the room to give it new appeal.
  • Make an Impression with your Bookshelves! Redoing the bookshelves can be a taxing project, but well worth the beauty that can be achieved with a little effort. One professional interior designer recommends your re-shelf your books organized according to color, with like colors together. This give the shelves an impact on potential buyers. And leave out any books that don’t look good, like worn paperbacks.
  • Add a simple floral arrangement. You can make a lovely floral arrangement on your own for your coffee table or dining room table using flowering branches from the yard. Or visit a florist for simple and elegant arrangement to enhance your space. Give your price range; don’t overspend.
  • Clear Your Kitchen counters!  Simply remove everything that doesn’t need to be there and put it away. Clearing your kitchen is hands down the simplest and best improvement your can make to stage your home for sale.
  • Make your Coffee Table stylish. Remember that floral arrangement? Add some large coffee table books, or a unique sculpture or piece of pottery to make the table look like an artistic piece in your living room.

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