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Suggestion:  Before you make any decisions regarding the means of moving, storage, supplies etc. first review all Eight steps below to get an overall idea of what you will need to do.  Write down the most important aspects of your move as this will help direct you. Then go back to customize your move to your needs.

There are many websites to explain the following areas to some degree more or less. Trying to sort through these sites for applicable information can be time consuming and confusing causing more moving stress.  We have supplied informational web links that we feel are some of the better web info sites to explain more fully each area.

Step 1 – Moving Tips

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 Moving Tips

 Moving Checklists:

 Week by Week,   Plan-1, Plan-2,  Plan-3

Moving Tips

A STRESS FREE….. move means planning early !!!  When to start the moving process, what steps to take and what are the tools to use are all important parts to make it work. Get your note pad and pen and review all the following steps to make your notes along the way that best relate to your move. This step will review the moving of different types of items including other tips such as, Moving the PC , Moving a Pet, Insurance , Scheduling, Checklist  etc. Browse these links and choose a plan you feel comfortable with:


Step 2 – Packing Tips

Packing Supplies

It is a fact that no matter what the job entails, by having the right tools will insure the best results with the least amount of effort and stress. In this step learn about Helpful Packing Hints and the Packing supplies needed for a smooth move.

Packing Tips

Packing Supplies

 More Packing Supplies




Step 3 – Moving Companies 





They Pack – They Move !



North American


You Pack – They Move !



You Pack – You Move !


Step 4 – Self Storage

Storage Facilities

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