Selling Agent

Using a Real Estate Agent or Realtor in selling your home 

Why a Real Estate Agent or Realtor:

There’s a reason why nearly 90% of sellers use a real estate agent or realtor to sell their home. Selling a home involves many moving parts. A good agent will help to assure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.   To successfully process a sale, real estate licensees must have a clear and accurate understanding of the laws that affect real estate. It can be very costly for a Seller doing it alone to over look certain regulations. Such numerous local, state and federal regulations are designed to protecting the Seller and Buyer including environmental laws, as well as federal, state, and local tax laws, including local land-use and zoning laws.  A real estate licensee should also have a keen understanding of real estate practices, neighborhood trends and negotiating skills.

Setting the Right Price: Another highly important task for a real estate agent is to set the right price and then get buyers in the door.  Having  access to the most up-to-date information about recent sales of comparable homes and competing listings in your neighborhood enable a successful agent to price right. The market is shifting every day and it’s the agent’s job to keep abreast of those changes.

Marketing a Sale:  A good agent will market your home aggressively. Recommending staging techniques to make the property look great.  Also, maximizing the listing with quality photographs, and staging the house before showing the house to prospective buyers. It is extremely helpful that the agent will vet potential buyers so you can deal only with serious prospects.

Processing the Sale:  Once a buyer is found, the agent will negotiate counter-offers, process and track the paperwork, and generally guide through the most nerve-racking part of the selling process.

Article by: Michaelangelo Greco 1-7-17

Know the difference between a general Real Estate Agent ( licensed agent ) and Realtor ( licensed agent )


Quoted: From the Association of Realtors


Not every real estate agent or broker is a Realtor. That term and the familiar block “R” logo are trademarked by the National Association of Realtors can legally be used only by those that are Realtor members through their local association of Realtors.


While all Realtors are also state-issued licensees as agents or brokers, a major difference between a real estate ( agent ) licensee and a Realtor is that Realtors have taken an oath to subscribe to a stringent, enforceable Code of Ethics with Standards of Practice that promote the fair, ethical and honest treatment of all parties in a transaction.


In addition, Realtor associations offer a wealth of training courses to their member Realtors, to help assure that Realtors serve their customers with the level of skill and knowledge that is required in today’s real estate transaction