Types of Apartments for Rent

Looking to rent in Doylestown or anywhere in Bucks County Pa? There are many different types of apartments for rent and here is a small explanation of each to help you decide which type of apartment is best for you.

  • All types of apartments for rent vary with room size, amount of living space provided, location, if the apartment is furnished or not, and what, if any, utilities are included. Each of these aspects affect the price of the apartment rental.
  • Studio Apartments. Studio apartments in Doylestown or Bucks County are quite small, usually consisting on one large room with an attached bathroom. The studio apartment will include a kitchen space, a small seating area and room for a bed all in one large room. The studio apartment is the best choice for single person starting out. Studios are usually priced more economically as well.
  • Loft Apartments. The are lovely loft apartments available in Doylestown Pa. A loft apartment is usually in a large structure architectural building and will feature an open loft space above, usually for a bedroom or seating area. The high ceilings and the internal architectural details make a loft apartment quite unique. Loft apartment details may include large windows, original moldings, rustic brick walls, or exposed industrial pipes. Hard wood floors are often included as well. Square footage, features and location of a loft apartment in Bucks County Pa will reflect in the  rental price.
  • Apartment Complex. An apartment in a complex will feature one, two or three bedrooms, full kitchens, dining areas and sometimes more than one bathroom. Often Apartments in complexes will have outdoor spaces, such as small decks or patios for ground floor tenants. Complex apartments have central air conditioning and heating. A complex will often offer amenities such as a pool, tennis courts, outdoor walking areas and workout gyms, access to which will be included in the rental price.

Need more space, but may not be ready to buy or rent a home? Consider renting a 1/2 double home or townhouse/condo for multi-floor living space.

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